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Avoiding the Fiverr Account Ban Trap: Expert Tips for Freelancers.

For the past few days, I have seen one of the reasons for Fiverr account bans, that is document editing. Fiver currently has zero tolerance for this. What’s sad is that those whose accounts are being banned are all experienced and have worked successfully on Fiver for a long time. Some account reviews are 3500+. Such stupidity from such experienced sailors is by no means desirable. I am citing some facts.

1. 80 thousand dollars in income in profile, mainly graphics and photo editing services. The buyer asked to edit some documents and change the date and dollar amount. He did not agree. The buyer offered a budget of a good amount. He couldn’t resist the temptation, accepted the offer and worked in just 30 minutes. After going out and having tea, I saw that the account was disabled. Many people contacted the support to no avail.

2. Profile with 3500+ reviews. Bayer asked to edit some documents. He said he couldn’t. Bayer asked how much he could do. Bayer did not give this job, so he said the amount was too much at home. Wake up in the morning and see that his account is restricted. Still hanging in this state.

3. Regular buyers sent a flyer in JPG format and asked to edit some information. He did that. A few hours later, he saw that his account was restricted. Contacting support is not working.
I can tell many more such incidents. Basically, the accounts of those who are doing Photoshop editing are going more. Apart from this, school and college homework-related accounts are also banned. In fact, after Fiverr updated its community standards, account bans are increasing due to these reasons. So it is a request to everyone that if any work related to document editing comes up, do not forget it, no matter how innocent it may be. And I will tell everyone to follow Fiver’s community standard (link in the first comment) a little better.

Many may say that if I do this kind of work, nothing happens to me. Remember that your days of giving this dialogue are coming to an end. Because currently, Fiverr’s AI is so powerful that account bans are happening due to mistakes made a few years ago. Someone told me a few days ago with a screenshot that his 5-year-old account was banned because he had edited his profile by buying a lot of reviews in the beginning. Today after 5 years Fiver punished his sins. So I would ask everyone to follow the rules carefully.

Thank you!


Outline of  Tips

  1. Reasons for Fiverr Account Bans
    • Violation of Fiverr’s terms of service
    • Poor quality work and low customer ratings
    • Multiple account violations
    • Fraudulent activities and unethical practices
  2. Understanding Fiverr’s Terms of Service
    • Importance of reading and following the guidelines
    • Commonly overlooked rules and regulations
    • Tips to ensure compliance with Fiverr’s policies
  3. Maintaining Service Quality
    • Delivering high-quality work consistently
    • Responding to customer feedback and reviews
    • Avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringements
  4. Managing Multiple Accounts Ethically
    • Risks of using multiple accounts
    • Guidelines for legitimate reasons to have more than one account
    • Best practices to manage multiple accounts without issues
  5. Preventing Fraudulent Activities
    • Identifying and avoiding fraudulent clients
    • Recognizing scam projects and potential risks
    • Reporting suspicious activities to Fiverr support
  6. Communicating Professionally with Clients
    • Effective communication skills for freelancers
    • Understanding client requirements thoroughly
    • Handling disputes and conflicts with diplomacy
  7. Dealing with Negative Reviews and Feedback
    • Strategies for responding to negative reviews constructively
    • Steps to resolve issues and improve service quality
    • The impact of positive feedback on account health
  8. Staying Informed about Fiverr Updates and Changes
    • Regularly checking Fiverr’s announcements and updates
    • Adapting to changes in the platform’s policies and algorithms
    • Seeking guidance from Fiverr’s support team when in doubFAQs
      • What is the most common reason for a Fiverr account ban?
      • Can I have multiple accounts for different services on Fiverr?
      • How can I handle disputes with difficult clients on Fiverr?
      • Is it possible to recover a banned Fiverr account?
      • What are the essential dos and don’ts for freelancers on Fiverr?
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